Flappy Bird is a popular mobile game for Android and iOS, which briefly managed to conquer the world and make a real furor among mobile gamers. The game was developed by Vietnamese artist and programmer who created it alone, without any help within a few days.

The main objective of the game is to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of Flappy Bird and the higher the score achieved, the better. The unique combination of simplicity and complexity, contributed to this Flappy Bird to become globally popular game and conquer the hearts of millions of people.

Flappy Bird is a single player game that not feature game between many people online. But in the Google Play is a new title that resembles Flappy Bird and will soon offer online game among many people, this game is called Angry Fly.

Flappy Bird will forever be remembered by people playing mobile games, and is an example of those who create them. The game managed to create around himself the aura of mobile hit and many people around the world loved her truly.

More mobile games from independent developers managed to progress well as Flappy Bird. This helps to raise the quality of mobile games for Android and iOS, and gamers remain satisfied.

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